🍂 Frosten ❄️ new song and video release in Swedish celebrating the seasons

Finally, we can share our new single and video release of "Frosten" that took over a year to finish! It is a celebration of all the beautiful seasons of the year and a chance for us to show our own expression, having worked a lot with other artists lately (which we love of course ❤). It also symbolizes the different phases in life we go through; the waiting, patience, struggle when we want to reach a desire in our hearts! Something we think all of you can relate to. Spotify 👉 https://spoti.fi/3j3mmjq

The music (melody, lyrics), arrangement, music production and video production is all self made in this project, which has been relieving but also puts pressure on us to deliver something amazing for you! The great guitars are done by Patric Skog who played a lot on our other songs as well. We really hope you will like our new song and video and shower us with likes, comments, shares and put the song on repeat! 💗 Be sure to turn on notifications to not miss when we go live with new music!

The music video was created over time and we started filming and droning in January this year on some really cold winter days with a lot of snow. All footage is from areas in Sundbyberg, Sweden where we live and we did all the nature shootings ourselves and got a little help with filming the parts where we are on camera. It's also been a learning process for us to shoot with the Mavic Mini drone in different seasons. We always aim to learn something new with every project, not just release another song or video, but develop as creators both creatively and technically. At times we had some dramatic incidents when the drone ended up in the bushes and water 😨 but we managed to rescue it! Phew! You'll find bloopers in our insta/fb stories!
For those of you interested in droning, with the new restrictions, we also had to get all the video clips authorized before publishing them online. 😅

Before we end this blog, we wanted to talk about the songwriting process, according to us. Even if we worked professionally for 10 years with writing songs for ourselves, other artists and in collabs with other songwriters, producers, musicians etc. we have learned that every collab is unique and it always feels like starting from zero. So, you may ask; does it take 3 minutes to create a song that is 3 minutes long? 😁 

For us there are so many different factors and circumstances involved in creating a new song and its best to have a goal and a plan set for every collab before rushing into the creative process and setting a timespan for a song. We believe that if there were more general standards set and a clear process to follow for collabs, like in other businesses, this would really make the life of songwriters easier. Then you would know from the start that e.g. there is an equal mindset for everyone in the team. Even if we start on new songs with artists or cowriters that we worked with before, there is never a guarantee that it will work smoothly, which is the optimal dream of course! 

The seasons in this song is like the phases we go through when waiting for something to happen in our lives or creating something - like a song! At first there is a happy bliss of an idea when everything feels wonderful, but to make it real or to reach a certain goal, involve other people in the process it can be a struggle, alot of waiting and patience to make it possible and sometimes it's impossible even how hard you try. Is it because you should give up or try another or a new path? Is it about releasing the resistance or is it to try harder? This is something we are thinking about alot as we are trying many projects and collaborations and we often run into people saying YES but at the next moment saying NO. 

It's hard to explain how much work we put into finding the right collabs and making things happen. It may seem pretty easy when looking at a post on social media when it's all done, but the road to that post can be very long and tricky and not often it runs smoothly. Of course we love creating and go from an idea to the result so this won't stop us to continue!

The earrings we are wearing in this video are from Linda's smycken and https://zerefia.com Get 90% off with code YLVALINDA! We also recommend trying out the amazing ecologic and organic glitter that we are using from https://mypureglitter.se/

Thanks for following our channels here, like, comment, share, sub4sub, like4like! We are always looking for new collaborations with artists, cowriters and producers and would love to hear from you and what you have in mind, so hit us!

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Do you want to work with us and our music? Do you want to sing our karaoke versions? Do you want to release your own version of our songs? Do you want a review of your own song? Check out offers here:


If you missed our latest Youtube releases here they are, please have a listen and give us your comment! We did an acoustic version of our song for Lillehammer Vinterpride with the great singer Rune Nathaniel - out next week! Soon the official song for 2022 will be out too! Ingrid White did a fantastic version of our Eurovision song The way I am, the young artist Penny Smitt did a brilliant Swedish version of our Eurovision song Eye of the storm that will compete in Baltic Voice. We were happy to be part of the Idol artist Mattias' song as backing vocalists! We have a few upcoming surprises too in November, so stay tuned!


When everything is finally opening up again we had the pleasure of being invited to two events in two days, Stockholm Beauty Week and Café Opera Soultrain AW in Stockholm. Got alot of energy from being out, meeting new and familiar faces, trying out great beauty products and feeling the vibe on the dancefloor again with a glass of sparkling champagne in the hand! Here are some pics from those occations that we hope will get you in the same happy mode as we were.
Press photo by Cawa Media


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