Health and beauty event 💚🎈❤🍂

We were really pleased to receive an invitation to the health and beauty event for the body and mind by Harmonia, in Stockholm with inspiration, happiness of new insights and with exclusive gifts and champagne!

Photo by Cawa media 

 Quite exciting to once again be out on these occations that have been cancelled for so long and we have been careful to not attend gatherings or doing gigs as first priority is always the health of us and others.

What about you, do you feel more safe now? Do you work from home? Do you travel abroad? We took the second dose of the vaccin a month ago and were asked before the Summer to attend a gig abroad but we didn't feel safe enough to travel at that point. Hopefully new opportunities will come soon so that we have a chance to meet up again. Sweden has announced lighter restrictions will happen soon which defintely seems postive when it comes to music, concerts and live events. In our regular jobs however it would actually be interesting to find a better balance between the office and home instead of just going back to what it was. We've been focusing more on songwriting and video producing lately which made us slow down more and prioritize activities. We love to be busy but in fact once you slow down and think about it it's nice to focus on just feeling good and have a peace of mind and go for the projects that feel most rewarding in the long run. Easier said than done, there are many distractions in our daily lives and maybe you're also stuck with the "endless scrolling" syndrome on social media and can't leave the mobile phone for too long? 😂

Photo by Cawa media 

Really nice to stroll down town this warm Autumn evening and listen to talks about the mystery of life by Kajsa Ingemarsson, see the interesting collection "Nature in Woman" by the designer Imane Belmkaddem, holistic health and beauty with awesome products as well as watching Chakra Balance Dance. We tried out an eyeliner from Pure Habit and eye cream from Rosenserien.

We went for totally pink today to keep the Summer vibes going and had earrings from! Get 75% off with code YLVALINDA!

There are many ongoing music projects behind the scenes that we are working on right now that we hope will lead us to what they promised! 😃 Trying out new collaborations is not always easy, we had some ups and downs the last year that made us rethink how to work and we have started to at least consider how to find new ways of working that will help us to reduce stress. We're very optimistic people with alot of ideas and will power, but in a cooperation there can be alot of obstacles that we didn't for see at the start. 

We put alot of effort and love into all the songs and projects daily although we have other full time jobs, so a mean word or a misunderstanding can lead to big disappointments. We are sensitive beings, we want to keep a good tone and go with happy collabs in whatever we do, so we think it's more important than ever right now to consider others feelings and not just ignore them. You never know what another person will feel inside and it's pretty easy to just say thank you, how are you and well done instead of not doing it. A kind smile and word could make the day for another person, what's not good about that? 

Right now we're looking for new collaborations for songs with producers, and talented artists for Eurovision 2022 abroad in confirmed countries - hit us!

Keep the lookout for a new special Swedish song and music video that we have produced ourselves that we will be released this Autumn! 🍂 It will be a celebration to all the beautiful seasons of the year and a chance for us to show our own expression, having worked a lot with other artists lately (which we love of course ❤ ). Be sure to turn on notfications on Youtube and Spotify to not miss when we go live!

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