Pride Festival Stockholm and New single Courageous ❤️💛💚💙💜

Happy Pride Everyone! ❤️💛💚💙💜 So wonderful to share our latest Pride single with you, COURAGEOUS with the amazing artist Alex Falk with huge experience from musicals, bands, TV, Idol and Wallmans! On top of the release we got the opportunity to perform it live on the Pride Festival in Stockholm, a dream come true for us! Check out the Stockholm Pride Gala Night Stage Stream here on Aftonbladet.

Here is the single on Spotify produced together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel:
Lyric video on Youtube 
Fantastic stage and on set with one of the best teams in Sweden

Livestream on Youtube

We had an exciting day starting with rehearsals during the afternoon, doing makeup and preparing with costumes for the live stream in the evening when we went back to perform.
We also did some modelling for makeup!

We believe in equal rights and to love who ever you want! That's also what this song is about and it actually covers the true story of how Pride once started and the people behind it and their struggle to fight for what they believe in. We instantly got a great connection with Alex when we met to record this song earlier this year in our home studio and we have alot of goals in common that we hope to persue together. We hope that you can see that we also share the same passion for music and fashion on stage! 💃 We've always felt a little bit different being twins and had problems with bullying at school, which is similar to experiences that Alex had. Music should be a work of art and being creative can also be terapeutic in many ways, if you get to do what you love and stand up for what you love.
Rehearsals for the show
Recordings in da studio with Alex earlier this year
We released a few other official Pride songs earlier years for Reykjavik, Malmö, Copenhagen and USA with artists from Eurovision and Idol!

We are also working on a new secret project for a coming Winter Pride song that we'll be so excited to share with you once it's official!

Tomorrow we are meeting up with the artist Imaa Queen at Patricia Nightclub to do a live performance of our new single "Global melting love" ( at an exclusive event for invited people with corona safety precautions. No dancefloor or kissing, only seating and dinner with live music. Check our feed on Facebook and Instagram for updates and photos!

Check out our Pride songs in our Spotify list and on Youtube and we hope you want to put them on repeat, dance and enjoy during the Pride season!

Do you want to cooperate in music? Check out our offers of Youtube song release including vocal editing, mix and artwork.

Thanks for following, liking, commenting, sharing! Love you guys!



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