Happy Summer - New releases! 🌼🌸🍓🌞

Summer is here - let the sunshine in and enjoy! 🌞 Is this the best time of year for you or do you prefer cooler weather? Are you going somewhere this year or staying home? Working or on a leave? 🌼

We're taking some weeks off both from our regular jobs and also the music to spend more time with family in a lower pace. There will be some travelling within Sweden, seeing new places and enjoying the holidays. Then we'll see what comes up and what feels interesting and safe to do. This year we'll probably do less music activities than normal and it actually feels pretty good as we've been working nonstop with different projects. The last few years have been busy also during the Summers and sometimes it's good to give yourself some extra space. The photos taken are from the scenes where we are droning and filming a surprise for you that will come later this year. A new style of music and new ways of filming that we really enjoy doing and hope you will follow and like too!

Today is the premiere for our latest Swedish single "Res dig" with Kevin Lehnberg who is well known from the famous "dance band" (as we call it in Sweden) Xplays where he was a member until recently when he's gone solo.

Out on Spotify 👉 https://open.spotify.com/album/3y0gIUcN6GfmvxNSo4wjvk

We had the pleasure of working with him on this song together with the producer Rickard Bonde Truumeel and do a Swedish version of what was first an English song. The main theme that we had in the English version is still there, but Kevin wanted to tell about his life story, how to overcome hardships and staying strong. We hope this will boost other people to feel the same when listening. We are all going through difficult periods in life when we need to stop and rethink what path to take, what to change, what to overcome and that can be very challenging, especially to see the positive side of the darkness and how this can lead to something good. Check out the song on Youtube too:

Get into the Summer vibe by checking out the latin remix twin video and song that we did with the amazing brothers Twins Forever here 👉 https://www.facebook.com/ylvaandlindaonevoice/videos/350453106428584
So happy to once again be working with these talented twins so we hope you will enjoy and you might see double!! 😄😄 More videos with these guys on Youtube 👉https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hihh9y0X-Kc

Some weeks ago we also did a new release with Zara & Jessica (Melodifestivalen) - The heart that lies bleeding, which is an English version of the Swedish song "Det hjärta som blöder" that we released last year. Please go check it out here and we're so excited to see what you think of us releasing in English with the girls which is the first time!

Eurovision is over for 2021, but as usual we're working all around the year to make sure we have new music and trying our best to pitch for artists and finding the right connections. This year was especially difficult and slow due to the circumstances in the world but it was however awesome to be able to compete in one country and do the selection in Lithuania and to have competed with almost 50 songs since 2013 in Moldova!! We are very proud of this! http://blog.ylvalinda.com/2021/01/eurovision-2021-lithuania-here-we-go.html

As we were not able to travel to Amsterdam and do a live performance for Euroclub, although we were invited, we were happy to do it digitally instead singing the Swedish winners of Eurovision in a medley. Enjoy!

We are looking for new artists and cooperation for EUROVISION 2022! If you can recommend us artists in confirmed countries, producers, cowriters we would be more than happy! 💋

It would make our day if you would do us a favour with a thumbs up 👍 and a comment on the latest Youtube releases. Here is a cover of the Swedish classic song "Ängeln i rummet" with the big Swedish star Eva Dahlgren interpreted by Sara Ekholm that we recorded, filmed and edited in our studio as well as adding backing vocals. This song requires both depth and strengh which Sara shows alot of and we hope you will like it! We also released a cover of our Eurovision song "The way I am" with Marcus Leu. He has a very interesting voice to this song that we hope you will like. It was actually recorded some time ago for a competition that we didn't reach, so now it was really time to release!

Kindly follow us on all our channels, like, comment, share, sub and keep streaming the songs. This means the world to us! 💗

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We have decided to end the organisation Rising Star, but if you want to work with us and our music you are welcome to check out the karaoke versions in the store or order a release of your own version of our songs if you can record vocals and send us for mix.



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