Fadimegalan, charity gala for human rights and theatre at Dramaten

For the second year in a row we were invited to Fadimegalan at Berns salonger in Stockholm, a charity gala for human rights against honor related violence supporting women who are victims in cooperation with the organisation GAPF. A very important subject that we want to support.

 Press photo by Roja Studios.

The gala was arranged by Erwik Communications with an impressive lineup of artists for the show; Loreen, Tommy Körberg, Lisa Nilsson, Helin Aro, Dilba, ​Helena Bergström, Malin Mases Arvidsson, Bahar Pars etc. 
There was an amazing show with speaches and music entertainment for the invited guests as well as non alcoholic drinks and fruits and we had a great time meeting up with old and new faces.

Last year we acted as volunteers and event hostesses hosting guests, artists and press, supporting and helping at the reception which was both a big honour and a big challenge.

Today we had red tights, black coats and crop tops from boohoo.com.

If you want to support GAPF and are from Sweden you can swish a donation to
1235128244 and write 20jan.

Great to meet up with these lovely ladies!

After the gala we went a couple of streets away straight to Dramaten to watch a very interesting theatre, Mary Page Marlowe! The tickets were generously given to us at a recent event and it was a great show worth watching.

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