Health, soul and beauty event at Strandvägen

Such a great honour to be invited by Christina Nilsson at to a glorious evening for your body, mind and soul! They say that beauty comes from within and that trends do not make us as beautiful and naturally attractive as we aim for. So how do we make it happen? 😍✨💃💝 
Photo by Katriina Mäkinen

With sparkling non alcoholic champagne in the glasses and healthy snacks from Ekoreko, holistic inspiration and generous goodie bags we found some new energy in November to get going. 🍏💄🥂🎁 

Alexandra Zazzi from Biggest Looser VIP was talking about healthy beauty ideals, and how to stay aware of your lifestyle and weight, Linda Myrberg from Nordic Superfood by Myrberg talked about a new collagen product with algiers, unique in Europe! Passion on the dance floor with Chakra Balance Dance by Christina! 💃

We wore red leather jackets to brighten up the darkness and had a blast meeting up with friends and new acquaintances!
Mingling with friends
We've been using the products of Skin Plan for quite some time and really love the Sebo control day cream and serum. We got a new free product to try out - the Hydro Gel Mask. Really recommend their products if you have sensitive skin like us.

Excited to try out some new skin products from Reserol to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and stimulating collagen production. 

Surprised to see Nordic Superfood's raw lingonberry juice that we've been ordering for some time and which has many health benefits, as being a great help to fight urinary infections and bladder problems. Also good for high blood pressure! We warmly recommend their lingonberry and blueberry juices as healthy beverages.

Press photos by Katriina Mäkinen

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