Grand opening for Christmas at Engelen

Tonight we had the pleasure of being invited by the one and only Johan Carlén to the grand opening at Engelen in Stockholm to celebrate the start of this year's Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord! Just like last year it was a very generous table of irresistible, tasty traditional Swedish Christmas food that was served with finesse at the delightful restaurant covering alot of history.
We wore rose velvet dresses from Nelly. Thanks for having us!💗
Swarowski jewelry from Lindas smycken.
Photo by Cawa media
On stage Robert Wells Orchestra together with Maria Wells & The Vocalettes were entertaining with sizzling Christmas music. We met up with some interesting new celebrities as well as familiar faces and had such a great time. If you are ever in the Old town of Stockholm, we recommend you to visit Engelen and grab a bite. As usual Johan Carlén did a splendid job hosting a brilliant event with all the right guests making us feeling welcome.
                           Generous smorgasbord with tasty food and desserts!
The restaurant opened in 1969 together with the night club Kolingen and since then it's been a huge success with many famous artists discovered on stage. Every year during Spring time the outside of the building is changing to a familiar green colour! 
Together with Arne Hegerfors and wife
Having fun with Thomas Lundin
Nice meeting up with Bert-Åke Varg

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    For an event like that, adding some delicious Spanish dishes like jamón ibérico would definitely elevate the experience. It adds a touch of authenticity and indulgence to the occasion.


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