Official song at Trasdockans dag to support against child abuse

Release the fear! To raise a voice for children being exposed to abuse and violence the yearly manifestation Trasdockans dag (kidstoo) arranged by ATSUB (Amanda Kullenberg) together with Erwik Communciation took place in Stockholm at Enzo's, Hornhuset this Saturday. We had the honour to take part last year singing with our child choir Rising Star and this year we also did a cooperation to write the official song "Fearless" which was released earlier this year with the artists Sebastian and Klara, hitting more and more streams every day which is awesome. To spread a message with a song for charity and at the same time bring some hope for the exposed is something we feel is very important.
The event was held at the cool restaurant Enzo's and we had such a fun experience performing live in our colorful costumes during the show with Rising Star, Sebastian and Klara and Zara & Jessica. Speeches and debates with politicians were on the menu as well as games from Nicotext, magical hatbox from Independent kostym, remake of old toys and face painting were available and the place bursted with joy and energy! For the thirsty and hungry there were light drinks from Rescued fruits, pizza and candy. Met so many interesting and nice people and grateful for those who joined us.
Listen to Fearless here:
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🖐️ Official music video with Rising Star:
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Music, lyrics, production, mix: Ylva & Linda, Tracks of Sweden

Fearless was also broadcasted on SVT Barnkanalen, Lilla Aktuellt on Swedish TV earlier this year, performed live with Rising Star at the Swedish national day at Golfängarna and at Tuvanallsången in Sundbyberg. The artists were out on a tour to collect money for a good cause and a prize was presented at the event for their achievements.

We ended the show performing behind the talented and lovely girls Zara and Jessica (former Sarek, Melodifestivalen) doing our new Summer hit "En helt ny dag" that we released in July and their Mello hit "Genom eld och vatten" and the audience just loved it!

Listen to En Helt Ny Dag here:
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Music, lyrics, production, mix: Ylva & Linda, Tracks of Sweden, Jessica Wetterstrand Sjöberg, Zara Kronvall Sigfridsson, Dan Sjöberg, Wu Jing

The organization Atsub was founded in 1993 with only a phone in a basement to support exposed children and are developing to support both children and adults.

Orange jumpsuits from Boohoo.

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