Winners of Sami Grand Prix 2022 (Sami Melodifestival) 🥇✨

Wow! So grateful for being the winners of Sami Grand Prix 2022 (Sami Melodifestival) with Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and our song Dovdameahttumii last week! 💯💫💛🌟🥇
It was a very nerve wracking final broadcasted on SVT play and NRK and we are beyond grateful to everyone who supported us in the public voting! 🙏 Listen to the song on Spotify👉 and watch the full performance on Youtube below!


The song is written by us and Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso with production, mixing, master by Paul Dubrovsky, Stein Austrud and Roald Raasberg. It all started with an idea in English and some joik ideas by us last year and when we involved Ingá-Máret she added the Sami language and her exceptional joik voice to the song. Then we got the opportunity to involve Stein to work on an excellent arrangement and organic sound with "nyckelharpa". We love to do these melodic songs and also have live instruments and an unique organic feeling to both the production and vocals. The message of the song is to always have faith in what will come, no matter what life puts in your lap, which is something that we believe many of us can relate to since the last few years of great challenges. It's very important for us to keep writing songs and sharing messages of unity, hope, equality, change and openness and also find artists and co-writer that resonate with this and want to spread love and light to the world and work together in a good trustworthy teamwork all the way from beginning to the end.

Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso is a well known Sami singer performing joik vocals with roots from both Finland and Norway. She is inspired by the life and the northern landscapes, raindeers and the Sami heritage. She earlier did a performance together with the schlager queen Loreen on Allsång på Skansen and we are happy we got the opportunity to do this song together. When the song was ready it was released by Sami Grand Prix and the TV broadcast was held on April 16 where the artist did an amazing live performance together with a big choir and live instrumentalists. It was beyond our expectations and no doubt a winner although it was a lot of good competitors and not just one but two (!!) short online voting sessions during the show. The show was separated in two sections with joikers and songs, so it was actually two winners at the end. So happy for all of you who helped us vote from your homes.
Ylva was not even in Sweden but at a hotel room in Madrid during the competition, so it was extra difficult to follow the show and to vote, but that worked too!

💪😅 At last hard work and effort pays off and we are overwhelmed by the great responses and to get the winning position means a lot to us. We truly know what it feels like being on the "other side" of victory as we've been the losers a lot of times and left a contest, standing there alone with the disappointment, trying to find new strength to start over. We have sympathy with all the other contestants and their hard work. For the first time we got to experience winning on the first try in Sami Grand Prix without any previous attempts, so for us this is an evidence that our music is well received and gives us strength to carry on and reach our big goals! After 10 songs in selections for Eurovision this year we felt pretty exhausted because of all the effort put down behind each song and coopeation. Where to find the strength to start all over?! But we haven't stopped and are working a lot behind the scenes. Hopefully our next success will be around the corner as after 10 years we would like to see some changes, removing old structures, new openings and good signs. 

Check out all our 10 latest Eurovision songs here: An amazing new high score for one year! Approached artists and sent songs to around 20 countries. Someone said sarcastically that we competed with...700 hundred songs... 😤's a hard and diligent work and for that we need a lot of drive and will to keep going. Better to try and fail than not to try at all! Thanks for all of you supporting us! ❤❤ Actually, most of our music cooperations we do online and we just love cooperation in writing with our collaborators which makes it efficient and so much easier to chat when time allows. It's quite amazing that we never really met or talked in person with many of the people we worked with. Having worked in the IT business since 20 years it's only natural for us to be online most of the day and we're happy that these challenging years of Corona have actually been beneficial to better online communication and less time consuming meetings. 😏

We are happy to be selected as one of 5 finalists in P4 Nästa Blekinge, the national Swedish radio competition with Morgan Färm and the song Rain on my parade, cowritten with Rickard Bonde Trummeel, Calle Kindbom, Johan Burman. 

If you live in Sweden, please help us vote in May to reach the final! SMS 1002 to 72020 (1kr per vote)

We had several great releases after Eurovision that we hope you want to check out as well. In 2013 after several years of trying we finally got selected for the first time with a song for a Eurovision selection and the amazing opportunity to go to Moldova and sing "I need you now" live in the TV studio with the artist Inaya Emira! 🤩 We met so many great people and among them Maxim Zavidia who we instantly became friends with at the TV set when he was cheering for us and our song! ❤ Almost 10 years after it's finally time for him to release our song in a new amazing version which we are very grateful for! Hopefully we'll get the chance to work together for Eurovision 2023, we are ready Max!! 😀 Spotify 👉 More about our journey in Moldova here 👉

We also worked with the young musical artist Kimberly Rydberg (winner of grand prix in Silver Palm Baltija) and the singer and actor Penny Smitt (taking part in Baltic voice and Lake pearls competition 2022) releasing these songs on Youtube and Spotify.

Do you want to join us in an all around the world video to support love, friendship and to fight for LGBT human rights for Lillehammer Vinterpride 2023 at the 5th years anniversary? Listen to and learn the song "Light it up" and make a video clip with your mobile phone showing the message of love and friendship and human rights for everyone and sing the song and send us! Keep the look out for posts on our social media when we will start selecting videos! 

Sometimes we need a break from all the work and get some party instead! Happy to have been invited to several great events this year and featured in several tabloid magazines! Here from the VIP art event in Svensk damtidning and Café opera Soul Train AW event in Hänt Extra.

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