6 songs in Eurovision 2020

What a great start of 2020, and the best time of the year for us when it comes to music and our passion Eurovision! 💖 Finally we have been selected for Eurovision and can present 6 songs taking part in the live auditions for Moldova (Feb 1) and Belarus (Jan 27)! Familiar countries for us as songwriters with many songs through the years and we also went as backing vocalists to both countries twice to sing live in the TV broadcasts on 6 songs in total that we are very proud of! 💪
We really hope that you will follow our new songs, listen, like, comment and vote!! They are out on Youtube and shortly on Spotify and Apple music as well!💓

Eurovision Moldova - Remedy - Viorela Moraru (Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel): This song is about breaking free from difficulties, trying to find the "cure" to never give up on yourself. Viorela's brilliant voice and add ons makes this song so vibrant and alive. As usual we did the backing vocals and this song actually had quite a long journey in different versions before ending up here. We already recorded versions in English, Swedish and Azerbaijani and it was meant to be a song for Turkvision for a while. Originally one of us came up with the title and chorus and the other one had the verse and lyrics which became a lucky match! Rickard reworked the production and Patric Skog did the guitars. We orginally also worked with Will Taylor on this song.

This year was exceptionally stressful, as the rules came out by new years day (usually a couple of months before the end of the year) and speculations said they would not have national selections. So it was a rush to meet the tight deadlines, reaching out with songs and finding artists in just a couple of weeks! But as we usually do, we go all in, set our sight on the goal and the feet on the ground trying our best while reaching for the stars. 💖 Luckily we are working with great teams and when everyone have the same determination and goal it can work! We are not the kind of people that work at the last minute, we prefer to prepare and get things done before the deadline, but we managed to stretch ourselves this year and keep cool while finishing as much as 6 songs! Awesome! 😜 

Eurovision Moldova - Like a champion - Denis Midone: This talented artist actually represented Moldova in Junior Eurovision 2012 and we've been following him and tried to get in touch with him for quite some time before we actually got the chance to work together. This feel good guitar song about how to stay true to yourself and living your truth is originally a cowrite written at a Swedish camp. As the other songwriters/producers did not want to follow up the cooperation in this competition we have agreed not to mention names. We think that Denis voice is a great match for this style and can't wait to see him perform it live! Next week he will launch the song in another TV show in Moldova.

Eurovision Moldova - Empathy - Pelageya Stefoglo (Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel): We also sent a 3rd song to Eurovision Moldova, but was shocked to see it was not in the list and did not qualify because the artist had not confirmed that TV received the application! The application was sent by email and it was unfortunately not complete, which the artist did not check until after the songs were announced! What a mess and disappointment for all in the team as it's alot of hard work behind the song and application forms (!!) to wait another year for taking part. After a couple of days the head of delegation decided to make an exception and consider the submission. Yippy! So much drama and now we can only hope it will turn out well in the competition! 😅 The story behind the song is about being empathic with people around you and to sometime stop caring about yourself and taking other before you, forgetting yourself in the process. Its also about unconditional love for another person or friend.

We usually get the question how many songs we submitted for Eurovision and as always, we worked hard all-year-around for different selections. We spend a lot time getting in touch with artists and sent songs to at least 14 (!!) countries where we unfortunately did not get selected this year. We wish we could tell you about all the work done behind the scenes and all the songs just standing in line to compete. But this remains a very popular contest with no guarantees. There is no recipe for victory or success and the conditions for each national selection changes with each year. 👊👍

Eurovision Belarus - Flying free - Janet (Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel): So happy to once again have the opportunity to work with the one and only star of Belarus - Janet 💛 who took part with our songs "You will be here" (2nd place) and "Supernova" where we went as backing vocalists live in the TV broadcasts two years in a row. We also tried another song "Dragonfly" for auditions the year after. Now we are back with a powerful ballad with a strong message and emotional vocals that we hope you will enjoy! Also this song produced together with Rickard.

Eurovision Belarus - Invisible - Anastasia (Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Niklas Bergqvist, Simon Johansson):  A couple of years ago we competed in the final with the great artist Anastasia and the song "World on fire" together with the same team of producers/songwriters (Tracks of Sweden) that we also have on the song "Invisible". A melodic midtempo pop love song blended with Anastasia's rocky voice giving it a very interesting touch.

Eurovision Belarus - True to myself - Veronika Tsubikova (Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel): Another strong Ylva & Linda ballad with the message to stay true while finding the right place and path in life with the amazing singer Veronika who really blew our minds off with her powerful vocals! Best wishes for the auditions!!   

We also have a secret 7th song and country that we will announce very soon. Can't wait! 💥

Whatever outcome we'll keep doing Eurovision songs, this is what we do and what we are passionate about. This is the format that works best for us when releasing songs. You can work in different genres and follow the mainstream music but still keep the Eurovision touch which is what we do best and love! 💗 It may be a competition and people always ask us for results; when will you win? how did it go? But frankly it's so unpredictible to know what songs will win that specific year and match a certain pattern to what will be successful. We are just lucky we can manage to do all these cooperations independently in teams, finding a match of artists and songs and finalize vocal recordings and mixes! For us it's more about the love of the songs than business, in our world our songs are written from our hearts and they have their own souls, it's not just "another song" for us and that's probably what keeps us going too. Eurovision is a great way to release songs, work with people around Europe. There are many fans out there and if it goes well it will lead to live TV broadcast performances, which is what we aim for, not only a digital release online. 💗

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