Grand opening of Christmas Lobby and live performances of our Christmas hits

We had the pleasure of being invited as artists to the grand opening of Smarting's Christmas Shopping event at The Lobby in Stockholm where we performed our latest Christmas songs "Ge mig jul igen" (released with Zara & Jessica from Melodifestivalen) as well as our earlier Christmas song "Midvintertid" (released with Linda Lampenius and Jill Svensson from Talang).
 Photo by Katriina Mäkinen
Tonight we were also models and had the pleasure of wearing these lovely marin blue ponchos from 8 Design AB.

The Lobby - beautiful venue
Nice to meet up and networking with good friends
The artist Argavan who we collaborated with in music showed her products

So many great entrepreneurs and designers came to show their products at the Christmas Lobby social shopping party and what a great way to start the Christmas shopping! We had such a nice time and are thankful for the opportunity to promote our songs as well as meeting alot of interesting people. Of course sparkling wine were served.
 Photos by Katriina Mäkinen
Watch performances here:

Smarting's concept for female business networking is very interesting and we joined them a few months ago at Stockholm's fashion week. Tonight they were launching a digital fashion show connected to a web shop, the blogger Agneta Elmegård was telling about the Maroccan gold, argan nuts and how to extract beauty oils, OctoberStockholm showed products for lips and lashes and Scratch Nails had christmas boxes, also clothes from Boheme, Les Leveres etc, jewellery from different designers and so on. Read more on
Listen to the songs here:

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