Official song for Trasdockan broadcasted on Swedish TV

Today our song FEARLESS, the official song for Trasdockan against child abuse (#kidstoo) in cooperation with the organization ATSUB (Amanda Kullenberg), will be broadcasted on SVT Barnkanalen, Lilla Aktuellt on Swedish TV and performed live with the talented artists Sebastian Rydgren and Klara Almström.
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Music, lyrics, production, mix: Ylva & Linda, Tracks of Sweden

The song was also performed live with our choir Rising Star at the Swedish national day at Golfängarna and at Tuvanallsången in Sundbyberg. All in one week! The artists will be out on a tour to spread the message and collect money for this good cause during the Summer. Please keep following us for more to come with Fearless and Trasdockan!

The subject is close to our hearts, all type of child abuse is important to prevent, also bullying which is something we also experienced ourselves. In the 5th grade in elementary school we started a new class, a new school and decided to keep a "low profile". The year before had been difficult. When we came back to school after a short trip abroad the other children in the class started with bullying, without any reason. It didn't stop so we decided to move to end the misery. We are many who have been exposed to bullying and it can be a long road ahead before finding back to the your true self. For us it has been hard to stay true to our music, creativity and message and to have the courage to show it to the public. But it has also given us the strength to keep fighting for our goals. We hope this song will support against abuse and bullying, to give courage to feel the fear, be different and be yourself. ❤❤

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