A new high score - 7 Eurovision songs 2018!

Amazing new high score - we are competing with 7 songs in Eurovision Song Contest 2018! In Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Latvia and Poland and 2 songs took the 3rd place in the finals! Thanks to our great team of artists, cowriters, producers and musicians making this possible!

Check out them on Youtube here!

There have been many ups and downs with over 30 songs in 16 countries since 2013 - a score quite unique for 2 female European composers and producers, don't you think? We often thought of quitting as Eurovision for us is the ❤ of good MUSIC and NOT business, competition, politics and backstabbing! People have stealed our songs, treated and used us like dogs, missused our music rights, claimed lawsuits, disqualified us with fake votes and we have been accused by the jury of cheating the artist by selling songs for high prices. 😲 The truth is we don't earn much, we usually work for free for Eurovision and most countries never send the royalties to Sweden. We always paid from our own pockets to travel abroad except for one country, so we also need to keep up with a regular income Monday-Thursday.
But here we are again and we did NOT give up yet because of all you great music lovers out there who keep following and supporting us with your kind words and inspire us to find new artists and new ways! ❤ Maybe this will be our last trip to a national selection abroad, who knows? The goal has always and still is Melodifestivalen and the big Eurovision and we still have our hopes. This is a competition with no guarantees even at the first selection when you send a song among 3000 others. We can spend weeks and months each year finding artists and working on demos that don't pass. As long as the main focus is business it will unfortunately be the same struggle to win and get selected. Despite this we are grateful for all the wonderful opportunities Eurovision gave us since childhood and to be able to share the music with you, now and in the future! 

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