Eurovision Songs 2015 - 3rd and 4th place in the final

We are so happy to have all these songs competiting for Eurovision national selections in 2015 with a 3rd place in the final in Romania and 4th place in the final in Finland!

Janet - Жанет - Supernova - Eurovision Belarus 2015

Tasha Odi - Giving up your love - Eurovision Belarus 2015

Carolina Gorun - Sublime - Eurovision Moldova 2015

Unicorn - Anastasia Liberos - Eurovision Song Project Cyprus 2015

Solju - Hold your colours - Eurovision Finland UMK

Ovidiu Anton - Still alive - Eurovision Romania 2015

Live performance in Belarus with the songs Supernova and Giving up your love with Janet and Tasha.

We had the pleasure of going to Finland and Helsinki as songwriters to Hold your colours with Solju that made it to the 4th place in the final. Before the show Solju also visited our home studio in Stockholm to record the lead vocals and enhance the song. We really enjoyed the cooperation for UMK together with the excellent team of musicians and mixer at the TV label.
Live performance
 Performance of Eurovision hits and Hold your colours at Hercules club
In Moldova Carolina made it to the semi final to perform a colorful performance with our latin/schlager song Sublime.
In Romania Ovidiu did a sparkling act with a guest singer and dancers to the rock ballad Still alive that came 3rd in the final. 

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