Rose Club Xmas performance and birthday celebrations

We were delighted to see the invitation from Johan Carlén for Rose Club to the Christmas get together with mulled wine and snacks and were really grateful to be able to perform some of our favourite Christmas songs live during this event. As the Swedish celebration of Lucia is on Dec 13 this was the perfect time to start the show slowly in white coats singing the traditional song "Sankta Lucia" and then do a makeover to red sequin dresses from and sing "All I want for Christmas is you"! We also performed some other Christmas classics and ended the show with our latest song "Ge mig jul igen" that received such good feedback from all of you out there and are reaching the playlists on Spotify and radio. 😃We are so happy for what we receive back for all the hard work done! 
 Photos above by EEROBILD AB
Can you find something wrong in these press photos? 😁 We happened to wear different boots tonight, Ylva had overknee's and Linda ankle boots!!! Someone asked in an Instagram post if we share everything? Well here is the answer, we try to match and chat alot before we leave our separate homes for an event, but sometimes even twins can misunderstand each other. 🤣

Watch live performances here:

As we recently invested in new music equipment for a smaller and less heavy rig this was a good occation to try out this new so called mobile speaker where we can plug in and out 2-4 mics, a computer, cellphone or USB easily! Excellent for two female artists and composers who want to be able to bring our own equipment without a high cost or heavy weight, but also sing and perform and looking our best although we have to do some rigging and act as sound technican at the same time. We believe it's still very gender specific in the music business and especially when it comes to setting up equipment and doing the "techical stuff". It's pretty sad to see and hear this. We would really love to see more brave girls and ladies out there who are interested in givingit a try even though if it's not perfect! If you never try or ask it will never happen, so just give it a go! It's 2018! 👍

On the 11th of December, the day before, we celebrated our birthday with a cozy dinner at home together with the family and really enjoyed eating good food, desserts and having a good time with the nearest and dearest for a change. 
There are very busy weeks for us right now as we also did 3 performances last week for The Lobby Christmas, Videohjälpen and a Christmas VIP event.
We are also working to finalize a few Eurovision projects that will be submitted once they are finished and they open up in different countries. We will probably slow down a bit after this week to get some more rest (as we still have our regular jobs too) and maybe come up with some new song ideas that we didn't finish because of a busy schedule. 👍
We are also hoping for new exciting collaborations to come our way before this year has ended as well as planning for new events during next year. We are grateful for the opportunities that come and are of course still heading for our goals and sending out high hopes and wishes for a bright 2019!👄

Here is a special Lucia greeting for you guys!

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