Christmas VIP event @ Oldenstedt & Co

Merry Christmas! We really got into the spirit of Christmas this evening when we co arranged the VIP event at Oldenstedt & Co to light up the festive season. An interesting mix of music, standup, fashion, art, hair and makeup were offered to the guests and the theme was of course "RED"!
The arrangers Åke Bjurström and Maja Nelin together with the artists did an amazing job with all the preparations and this time we fixed the musical equipment and the evening was filled with great music and performances on stage as well as standup.

We performed the Christmas songs Feliz Navidad and our own single Ge mig jul igen together with Rising Star our child choir who did a marvelous job. Yesterday they also performed live at Videohjälpen for charity, so we had two very busy days.Check out the vibe and performances in the vlog:
Together with Åke Bjurström, the designer and arranger. We hade creamy red dresses from Nelly tonight.
All the excited and helpful mums to the girls in Rising Star

Aron Promnitz performed his new single composed by us called Revival as well as Christmas songs. Martina Maren Orlop perfomed her latest hits and showed art, Sofia Nordgren did stand-up and presented art, Eva Norberg-Forsberg performed christmas songs where Rising Star joined as well as musicals.
Maja Nelin, Mei-Lan Ha, demonstrated and fixed makeup and hair. Åke Bjurström showed his costumes and creations.
The place was crowded with happy guests that came to join us, posing for photos at the specially designed backdrop canvas made by art director Jonathan Vikström where we were honoured to have our Twinflame publishing company logo printed.
Festive Christmas drinks (glögg) and snacks (pepparkakor etc) and food were generously served, also gluten free eating and we offered our own baked pies!

We really recommend a visit to and to book their services

Great to meet up and networking with so many nice people!

We really had a blast but there is also a backside to this job as today we put alot of hours to bring our own equipment forth and back, rig, carry and act as sound techicians so it was a long day when we went home tired, however happy planning for the next event! 

Here you can listen to the song "Revival" and "White christmas" released with the artist Aron Promnitz:

Here you can listen to the song "Ge mig jul igen" released with Zara & Jessica:

If you are a talented artist and want to work with us, please check out our offers of Youtube song release including vocal editing, mix and artwork.
We'll not only offer you a professional service, but a welcoming atmosphere in our home studios and a warm cup of tea!


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