What a Eurovision drama! 😯😯

So many emotions last night 😖 when watching the national selection to Eurovision Poland with our song Why does it hurt, that was selected to compete with Lidia Kopania, announced in January. 😯 😯 We were happily surprised to get selected among the top 10 finalists and managed to prepare for a Youtube and Spotify release and an update of the production on time despite a very tight deadline. Thanks for all the comments, we're trying to take the good with the bad here accepting both the sympathy and criticism and that the song is getting attention in media! 👍 Listen on Spotify ► https://spoti.fi/34gGUkf

So, we were looking forward to see a great performance after the preparations and discussions we had with Lidia's manager after we got selected. We also have a history with Lidia, having released 2 singles on Youtube and Spotify with a good outcome and for some years we have submitted songs together for Eurovision Poland without any result. We put our trust into this cooperation, that it would be honest and professional which is what we aim for. We got shocked however seeing the poor quality of the performance from such a professional artist. We are singers and performers ourselves and totally respect that there can be nerves in a live TV performance and we had no reason to believe that this was done intentionally. We thought from the start she wanted to give her best performance, to the song, to the audience and herself. 

When we reached out to her, upset and sad, and asked what is going on, she answered very short that she did it on purpose because she knew who would win. There's an interview out explaining this and that it was supposed to be like that, that it was a buzz. 😪 https://youtu.be/5hIYGnRW518

We had some heavy reactions to our Facebook post in which we wanted to make sure that we have not been involved in the artist's decision or to be associated with it. For this we were accused as shameless and disgusting as composers to write this. We usually don't write these kind of posts, we keep positive, quiet and work hard independently with so many things going on behind the scenes that most people are not aware of and only see the top of the iceberg and make a judgement based on that. We also submitted several songs with other artists for Eurovision Poland that didn't get selected. In this case we felt it was a lack of respect to us and our cooperation with Lidia not to inform us in case there were any difficulties with the live performance. The right thing would have been for her to withdraw in our opinion. She has promised us a public post of apology. 👍

For those of you who haven't followed our Eurovision journey, we have been working tirelessly as composers during the last 10 years and our first Eurovision selection was in Moldova 2013 with the song "I need you now" where we also went as backing vocalists live on stage. 

Eurovision has always been a big passion for us since young age and the contest inspired us to create our own music. We were always interested in the international songs, flavours and languages. We've always had a dream to compete in the Swedish selection, but life had other plans for us and we have ended up competing with almost 60 songs in 18 other countries since 2013. 

This year we were fortunate to get 10 competing songs in Romania, Moldova, Poland, Malta, Serbia and Lithuania. A new record! It's been a hard battle, a tough ride and all the songs have a lot of work behind them, so you would have to be a robot not to be affected by the results in the selections. We mostly do the job ourselves finding the artists and matching with a song and involve great team players where possible, but with tight deadlines (getting even shorter by the years) it's a big challenge to even have a demo ready to submit to the contest in time. The next step is even more stressful both for us and the artists with not much help from the delegations, so everyone is doing the best their can. It's always been our goal to win a national selection and represent a country in the big Eurovision selection. Since this is something we do on our free-time independently and put our hearts and souls into, its important for us to find good and trustworthy teamworks for a good result.

Check out the rest of our our competing entries for 2022 on Youtube and thanks for giving us a like and a comment. Read more about the songs here: http://blog.ylvalinda.com/2022/01/eurovision-2022-here-we-go.html

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