Eurovision 2022! ✨ Here we go!

Wonderful to have such a great start of 2022 with 10 of our songs competing in Eurovision national selections! An amazing new high score for one year! Really happy to be back in Malta and Moldova and having amazingly 4 songs in Romania! Also back in Lithuania after last year! Amazing to be selected in Serbia and in Poland of only 10 contestants. Really proud of this and looking forward to the TV broadcasts coming up, as we worked really hard to make this possible, we weren't even free on Christmas Eve or New Years eve this year! 💪😅 
Approached artists and sent songs to around 20 countries during the autumn so you can imagine how many hours we spent and how many people we reached. A hard and diligent work and for that you need a lot of drive and will to keep going. Thanks for all of you supporting us! ❤❤

Amazing 💕 to be in the semi finals of EUROVISION Romania 2022 with our song UTOPIA and the artist Oana Tăbultoc produced by Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Roeland Ruijsch! 😍 Live TV performance on RTV coming soon! Spotify ►

⭐️ Eurovision Lithuania 2022 ⭐️! So happy to share that our song 🦁 LIONESS 🦁 with Zivile Gedvilaite is taking part in the national selection! Live TV show broadcasted on Jan 15! 🎤 😍 The song is cowritten and produced by the fantastic team Charlie Mason, John Matthews, Paulius Jasiūnas Spotify ►

We are so happy 😁🙏 to be in the semi finals of EUROVISION Romania 2022 with our song EMBERS and the artist Aldo Blaga! 🌟❤🤩 Stay tuned for the TV performance with a surprise! Many thanks to the cowriters and producers that teamed up on this song! Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Charlie Mason, John Matthews. Spotify:

Awesome!! ✨ We are in the semi-finals of Eurovision Malta 2022 with Rachel Lowell and the song "White doves" cowritten by us, Emil Calleja Bayliss, Peter Frodin 🙌 Many thanks to the whole team who made this possible! 🙏😍💞  Spotify:

Excited to share our 3rd song for Eurovision Romania 2022 and lyric video ✨Younique✨ with the amazing artist Andra Oproiu! 🥰 Happy to be in the semi finals and can't wait to watch the live performance coming soon! 🎼🎤 Thanks to our great team member and producer Paul Dubrovsky and Lee Music for making this possible. Spotify ►

Wonderful to share our 4th song for Eurovision Romania 2022 and lyric video 💙 Indigo 💙 with the fantastic artist Roberta Maria Popa! ❤ Stay tuned for semi finals and votings coming up and can't wait to see the this song live on TV! 🎼🎤 So happy to work with the amazing producer Peter Frodin on this song and thanks to Lee Music for the great mix! 👍 Spotify ►

What a surprise to be selected among only 10 songs to Eurovision Poland with Lidia Kopania and Why does it hurt. We worked with Lidia on several other songs and tried many times and she was also the representant for Poland 2009 so we are really proud of making this possible. Produced together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel. 😍💞 We competed once before in Poland and came 3rd with the song Momentum. Spotify ►

So happy that Julijana Vincan and our Serbian song is one of the selected for Eurovision Serbia!! 🙏 😍💞 Listen on Spotify here

Really grateful to have two strong songs in Moldova with Dianna Rotaru and Danieli Shvets and Carolina Gorun! My time is now (
Spotify ► and Take me everywhere are both cowritten and produced with Rickard Bonde Truumeel!! ✨🙏

Despite these wonderful news we also had some rejections, as we submitted to many countries who allowed foreign composers and arranged national or internal selections, but life doesn't give you everything you wish for, right? Much work is done behind the scenes and its of course sad that it can't be visible unless it goes all the way. We tried out some very good cooperations with artists and cowriters in e.g. Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Montenegro that we were really working as hard for as with the other entries and really had our hopes up. Some of these countries we have tried to submit to for several years and it all comes down to the right match of song, artist and team and also great timing in the competition with others. 

We truly would appreciate YOUR help and support with recommending us talented artists that are interested to work with us and our songs for next year and who have great chances of getting selected. In some countries its a requirement that we work with cowriters/coproducers from the native country and therefore we are in great need of you recommending us the right connections to succeed. We can keep going and struggling against the stream alone, but we surely need the right teams who are willing to do what it takes all the way from a demo to a very interesting act on the Eurovision stage. 

We took a leap of faith in trying new ways of working and cooperating as the old ways were not working, and many times we had to go out of our comfort zone, be more flexible and work harder than before to get results. 🤯 Sometimes only trust in the process or letting go was the way that made us reach our goals rather than pushing ahead. 🙏👍 We hope to keep growing and finding a better harmony and balance in 2022.

We are also releasing a new single "Inget kan stoppa mig" with Zara & Jessica from former Sarek, Melodifestivalen! Check out our livestream on Facebook where we talk about the theme of how it is to be female in a male dominated music business. 

Spotify: ♀️

The song is a cowrite with the girls, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Danne Sjöberg. Listen to all songs we released with Zara & Jessica here: ♀️

Some parts of the video was shot last Summer when we met up in Stockholm for a session and had a couple of busy days with filming, photo shoots and live streaming! We hope to be able to do this again and to sing our new songs live together, so stay tuned! 

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