New releases - Bättre - Zara & Jessica, Masquerade - Björta

Really excited to share two new magical releases with you that we have been working on for quite some time! 👍💙💛💗 Very different genres and styles as you can see on the covers, which we hope will catch your interest even more! 😃

Today our new song "Bättre" 👉 with the amazing Mello stars Zara & Jessica will be out on all platforms, so please listen, share, comment and like to support! This time we are working for a special cause in cooperation with the organization "Attention" supporting their work with neuropsychiatric disabilities. It may not have been unnoticed that we have created a super team with the girls since the last couple of years where we have released several successful singles in the pop folk genre! We usually work in cowrites with the girls and so was also the case with this song, where Rickard Bonde Truumeel and Danne Sjöberg also joined the team. The song has already been played on Swedish Radio P4 Kristianstad and Radio Viking.

The song "Masquerade" is a dazzling uptempo drag show schlager with Björta (, a colorful cabaret artist, singer, dancer and conferencier well known from Let's dance and musicals like Queen of fucking everything (Jonas Gardell) and La cage aux folles (Babsan). It is written by us together with Mats Larsson and Jonas Lindau (a new cooperation we tried out) and will be out on Spotify on Oct 30. ( On the 1st of November we will do a sparkling live release performance at the nightclub Patricia at the C'est La Vie Stageless Halloween Cabaret. Hope to see you there!

Check out the music video for Bättre here that we filmed and edited with DJI and drone (mavic mini a warm day in Stockholm this Summer when Zara & Jessica came to visit us. Read more about it here 👉

So very happy to get the opportunity to be able to meet and share live music together, as there has been a very frustrating period for musicians and artists and we don't know and probably will not go back to normal again. Doing what we can with the opportunities we get and staying more digital than ever! This is something we love to do, share digital content, but it's at the same time hard to get the motivation with other cooperations to find good ways to spread the music and receive something back.
Feel free to listen to all the songs we released with Zara & Jessica and please follow their playlist! We have lots of other songs ready to get released too, so stay tuned for more later! Hopefully we'll be able to meet for a new livestream or performance soon!

Spotify playlist Zara & Jessica:

Zara & Jessica on Instagram and Facebook:

We had a very creative journey with Björta doing both photos and composing the cover image as well as filming for promos and we hope you like the result! It's both challenging and fun to prepare jobs like this for us. We're more experienced when it comes to music and songs as we know how to plan for a deadline and have teams, but we wanted to broaden our horizons and try to do more. What is important for us is that it's a good and nice teamwork where we can find solutions and compromises rather than just follow emotions and overanalyze to find a good result.


The last few weeks we also worked on some of our own videos, reviving our most popular ESC songs in new versions with reviews from Eurovision Second Opinion. 

Aldrig vända om/We are as one:

Have a look and hope you want to support us by adding a comment and like, that means alot to us!

We also did a livestream about music and health and mental illness with the medium Sara! 

And a fun video to highlight October fest!

This year and next will not be a big Eurovision season for us unfortunately. Many countries are sending the same artists as 2020 and we're trying what we can, but we don't feel the same motivation as usual and are getting outside our box to find new ways to work with music. Other artists are also struggling with this for sure, and we also got cancelled gigs like everyone else, but we still think that it's worth doing song releases digitally and find ways to promote them as much as possible. So we're focusing on more regular releases and covers as well as reaching out as artists ourselves and not just songwriters and doing livestreams. Do you want to work with us and release a song? We are looking for new talents right now! Please send us a PM and check the offers here!


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