The grilling season is here!

Finally the Summer is coming to Stockholm and it's the time of the year when Swedes are heading out of their kitchens and onto the deck getting ready for the grilling season! 
Photo by Cawa Media
We were invited to the VIP lounge at Galärfältet next to the Vasa Museum and Djurgården by Johan Carlén to an amazing event of party, drinks and tastes. 
The famous chef Jureskog was competing against the American chef A Biderman for the best burger! And guess who won?? 😋 This event is also part of the big event Sverigedagarna held during the end of May.
We dressed in white blazers but had to change the Summer outfit we had planned to something warmer as it was a chilly day in May. We had a blast meeting up with our favourite friends as well as new aquaintances! As usual there were press photos on the red carpet!
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