Press event Stockholm Beauty Week

So much beauty, lifestyle and well being in one place! 💋💗🙌 It's Stockholm Beauty Week and we were happily invited to the press event at Musikaliska to enjoy all the goodies and meet up with new people for networking.
Maria Forssén is the energic founder of Stockholm Beauty Week and she really knows how to host a party with interesting products, activities, bars, a royal scene with entertainment and also a treatment room and seminars. Today we had a white and black outfit with habibi tops from purchased in Dubai mall!

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We saw some products from Anastasia, a brand that we love and use for our brows every day! Also interesting skin care glow and masks and some detox for your hair which may be worth trying as we're tired of having to deal with dry and delicate hair after too much colouring, blowdrying and styling. We also add extensions (nail hair) from Rapunzel from time to time at Eurovision, gigs, events and that really is tough for your hair. We recommend using a good hair oil in damp or dry hair every day.
We also saw some interesting nail products and how to treat your nails. At the moment one of us is having pink sculptured gel nails made at a salon which looks great, is very handy, but once you do this it's very addictive! 😁
We were happy to go home with generous goodie bags! 💛👍 We just love trying out new beauty products so this will be awesome for the upcoming gigs, events and Summer activities! If you have any questions on these products, just write a comment!

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