The MelFest Wknd Sthlm 2019 Pre Party Press Conference

Tomorrow is the Mello final for 2019, who do you think will take the winning place? Tonight is the MELFEST WKND STHLM 2019 PRE PARTY at the club Estelle and we had the pleasure of joining the press conference meet and greet with the artists and also get an interview about our own journey.
Melodifestivalklubben (where we have been members since 15 years back!!) together with Peter and Erik hosted the party and we got to meet up with winners from 2019 from Norway, France, Denmark and also national selection artists from Finland and Lithuania and had a great time. All the artists are doing performances with their Eurovision songs on the pre party so the fans will have a chance to meet up with their stars.

Today we also got interviewed about our journey for Eurovision over the years and we feel really proud of all the work we put down on our 40 competing songs in 17 countries since 2013. Every year is unique and even though we worked as much or more than the previous years with submitting songs to all selections open to us as songwriters and the despite the result we were happy to get 5 of our songs into the selections in Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Belarus and Moldova.
 KEiiNO (Norway ESC 2019)
Such a great song for Norway this year, great to meet up with these nice guys!
 BILAL (France ESC 2019)
Funny and friendly artist from France!
 EMMA SANDSTRÖM (Finland 2017 & San Marino 2018)
Really nice to talk to Emma, maybe a future song for Finland?
 GRETA ZAZZA (Lithuania 2017 & 2018)
We would like to quote someone wise who said that every song is a success already when it touches your own heart and there is no need for approval by anyone when you are sincere. The result depends on so many things out of the reach of our hands and the secret is to enjoy the path to bring you success. Honestly, we feel that the joy we had for writing and competing with our first song is not the same after 40 songs and so much gained experience. We have been told to try and find back to the joy of writing songs again and not get stuck in all the negative issues that can sometimes be overwhelming. Also when working hard and doing all in your power its tough to compare yourself with others who reached the success you're aiming for and to keep the faith in a brighter future.

So, in 2020 we aim for really good, honest and equal teamworks where there is respect for the work and process between the team and that everyone involved is credited for their work. If the song is selected, We want the rights to publish a video of the song on our official Youtube channel and make a Spotify release to gain streams. There are no guarantees for a win in the contest and we want to make the best out of the cooperation and song release.
Please contact us right away on Facebook or mail if you're a talented artist with TV experience and want to work with us as composers for Eurovision 2020 and represent your country as an artist in a national selection and we can send you our song ideas.

Please also check out our offers of Youtube song release including vocal editing, mix and artwork.
We'll not only offer you a professional service, but a welcoming atmosphere in our home studios and a warm cup of tea!



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