Melfest WKND STHLM 2019 @ Münchenbryggeriet and Club Backdoor

Saturday night, Mello Final and we had an amazing and looong day with 2 performances in Stockholm! Did the right song win in Melodifestivalen, what do you think? 😊 

In the early afternoon we were really happy to finally meet up again with the artists Zara & Jessica (former Sarek) to sing together after having been working on several songs and projects since almost one year back. Such a great team! 👍 This time 2 schlager gigs in Stockholm was on the agenda where we had the pleasure of backing them up on stage. First we went to Münchenbryggeriet to Melodifestivalklubben's Melfest WKND Party where we did our first souncheck and rehearsals. Of course they sang their big Mello hit "Genom eld och vatten" and we also got to do our Summer hit single "En helt ny dag" that we released last year. It means alot to us to be able to perform our own songs with the girls and also do the backup for their hits, especially on this occation and at a place with the right Mello fans.
Directly after the first soundcheck we headed off in the subway to Club Backdoor at Tele2 Arena to do our second rehearsal for the gig no 2 where we also performed their hits but also a couple of other Mello etno covers.

We had some time to sit down and have a longer well awaited chat and a sushi before we headed back home and they went to their hotel room. We usually have a lot of communication with the girls writing on Facebook and email which works very well for all of us, but to meet up and talk face to face and also sing together feels really good and we're bonding so well! 💓 Stay tuned for new release and projects coming up soon!
Back home we tried to get some rest before getting ready with makeup, hair and clothes and watching the Mello final at the same time on TV! The streets were empty when taking the subway back to Münchenbryggeriet as all the Swedes were watching TV to see who would be the winner of 2019! 😉 
 As the venue was getting crowded just before midnight we had a blast doing our first performance with the girls and it's great to perform for Mello fans who really love this type of music. Thanks Melodifestivalen for having us, you are awesome! We were happy to meet up with some friends and fans from Sweden and abroad!

We also got the chance to meet up with lovely Babsan who was the second act at this venue. She is such a great performer!
 Then we headed off in a taxi before 1 am to a crowded Club backdoor with alot of party people waiting for some live performances on the dance floor! We were chillin backstage and met up with some nice people and a dj from Berlin before they asked us to go up on stage around 2 am! 

Such a rush with all these people singing and screaming to all the songs, we could hardly hear ourselves! Thanks for having us, we had a great time! 
Got to say a quick goodbye to the girls before we all headed back home and to the hotel in taxis, tired and happy after a great day of music in Stockholm! Hopefully we'll be doing this very soon again. 💓

Listen to En Helt Ny Dag here:
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Music, lyrics, production, mix: Ylva & Linda, Tracks of Sweden, Jessica Wetterstrand Sjöberg, Zara Kronvall Sigfridsson, Dan Sjöberg, Wu Jing


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