Finalists in P4 Nästa Stockholm and Kalmar

Fantastic news to be finalists in the Swedish radio competition P4 Nästa with 2 songs, in Stockholm and Kalmar! 👍😊 The voting is open until June 5 in Stockholm and June 1 in Kalmar and you can send 10 SMS votes for each song!

G Curtis, Say you don't feel love:💗
It all started with a song idea from Greg and a meeting a couple of years ago when we met for a session and recorded a few other songs in our studio. We got the idea to do a cowrite for Say you don't feel love and aim for P4 Nästa, so we worked on the melody, lyrics and arrangements/pre production and involved the producer Rickard Bonde Trumeel to finalize. Also Erik Lewander was involved as songwriter and producer from the start. After months of work and waiting, we finally found out that it was secretly selected when Swedish Radio Stockholm called Greg and us and said we are one of 5 finalists. Such amazing news! Greg was really taken by surprise and we urgently released the song through our publishing company Twinflame, distributed by Universal Music to get it out by May 15! 

You can vote by sending SMS: p4sto (mellanslag) låt1 to 72250 until and it's a maximum of 10 votes. 1 kr/sms (only from Sweden).
We are so grateful for all your support!
On June 5 there is a broadcasted and streamed final held at Swedish Radio Musikplats Stockholm where we are so excited to perform the song together with Greg!! It be broadcasted on radio and livestreamed on and P4 Stockholm Facebook page and the winner will also be presented this day. The winner can get a spot at the radio charts for Svensktoppen!

Stefan Larsson, Vi bryr oss om varann: 😍

Last year Stefan contacted us and booked a session as part of our offers for artists in Allaktivitetshuset in Sundbyberg to record and video film the cover song "Shallow", that is out on Youtube. We got a great connection and he was excited to do something more and write a song together, so we started in December on a cowrite for this song where Stefan sent his ideas and we kept working on the melody, arrangement, structure, pre production and the lyrics was written together with Stefan and Catrin his wife. Jonas Nilsson was involved in the production and then Stefan came to meet us and record the studio vocals before we submitted the song to P4 Nästa Kalmar. After alot of waiting Stefan was taken by surprise when radio called him one morning and said he was selected as one of 5 finalists, which was such a happy moment. There are no guarantees in these competitions and alot of hard work to make it happen. The song was published on Youtube and distributed by Universal Music and our publishing company Twinflame just a few days after we found out that it was in the competition. On June 1 there will be a live final where Stefan and Catrin will perform the song at Swedish radio Kalmar with a live band. We are really looking forward to hear it broadcasted and see it livestreamed, but we will not be able to attend it ourselves due to joining Greg in Stockholm the same week, closer to where we live. Right now we want to stay as safe as we will not take on too much travelling.
You can vote by sending SMS: p4kalm (mellanslag) låt5 to 72250 until June 1 and it's a maximum of 10 votes. 1 kr/sms. Thanks for your support!

Last year we won P4 Nästa Kristianstad with Zara & Jessica and the song Dansar med vinden with the important message about mental illness! 🙌 The final was held live at Tivoliparken in Kristianstad, Sweden for P4 Nästa after one month of hard work of promotion and votings.

A few years ago we also won the P4 Nästa in Västmanland with the song Orden hänger kvar i luften with Tilda Anvemyr. 💪 The final took place at Stora torget in Västerås and Tilda performed live with her great dancers and the talented violinist Isabelle Andö who arranged the violins on this song.

We also competed with Tilda the year before she won with the song In too deep and also Jill Svensson in P4 Nästa Jönköping with Golden wings a few years ago. So grateful for all the opportunities that Swedish Radio is giving us! 💛

Thank you so much for helping us, we are so grateful and happy, the votes mean the world to us! Please keep listening and streaming too! After all local selections are done 8 finalists will fight for the winning position in the national selection to reach Svensktoppen (radio list) as maybe even Melodifestivalen! We are keeping our fingers crossed that we will go through to the next step!

Do you want to work with us and our music? Do you have a studio or home studio where you live? Do you want to release one of our songs or a cover song? Right now we offer to work online if you can arrange with a vocal recording yourself and we'll do the mix.



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