New release - Global melting love with Imaa Queen

Today we released the new single "Global Melting Love" with the avantgardista artist no 1 - Imaa Queen! 💙💚 This energizing house club song with 90's elements is written and produced together with the amazing team Robin Kvarnström and Niclas Haglund. Jenny Puronne is the photo artist who did the cover and music video that is also out on Youtube. Here is the version on Spotify:
The theme of global caring and global melting is an universally known subject and also very suitable during these difficult times when we all must come together and find strength. It is also about how we destroy what we love, the relationships, our world and feel hate instead of finding a better place to live in. 💗

For those of you who think the melody is familiar, you are right! This is a new version, production and lyrics of a Eurovision song we released a few years ago, but we believe in giving interesting songs a new life and so we did!

Imaa Queen is a very interesting artist, persona, creature, combining art, fantasy, music and fashion in fantastic creations inspired by nature, fairytales, mythology and culture. He is inspired to express the interactions of the world of art fashion and paintings. Well known for always showing new creations he never performed twice in the same figure. 😲
Imaa Queen has released 3 successful singles before this one and are doing performances all around Sweden. He worked as a DJ and hostess for Secret Garden club in Stockholm and was nominated for Drag of the year at the QX gala several times.

The plan was to throw an exciting release party at T8NG night club in Sthlm this weekend and a live performance with Imaa, Ylva & Linda. Due to the unfortunate spread of corona we had to cancel the event, but really hope to be able to perform this song live very soon. Stay tuned for more information coming regarding Sthlm beauty week later this year where we plan to perform at the opening.

Interview in QX:

To keep positive we decided to do an online live interview today on Instagram talking about the song and playing a few notes. Watch it on our channel

Don't forget to also check out our other recent Youtube releases!

"Dirçəliş" with the great artist Argavan ✨🌠is a song in Azer that was selected to represent Sweden in Türkvision that unfortunately never got to be performed live but now is released on Youtube. ❤️🙏The great team behind this song: Will Taylor did the awesome production and music together with yours truly. Johan Moberg and Patric Skog and Saman Alias are behind the soul of the guitars and nêy flute and  Valter Kinbom did the power of the percussions. Elvin Novruzov wrote the strong Azerbaijani lyrics! We have edited and produced the video with images and shootings by Adele and Saman.

A couple of years ago we started working with the amazing artist and opera singer Madeleine Hilleard who won Sweden's got talent just 15 years old! Now she is a regular performer in Sweden and we released a Christmas cover with her that is out on Spotify.
We are as one is a new version of our Eurovision song that competed in Norway this year and we wanted to release this brilliant opera pop version with Madeleine that was recorded earlier before it had been selected to MGP. When she was in the studio magic happened when she took the highest notes of this song. Normally that would bring out distortion from the input signal, but as she has a special voice technique the signal actually went down and stayed in one specific range. It was amazing to watch! We hope to be able to work on more magic together with Madeleine in the future!

Really happy to finally release the feel good and soft ballad Like a remedy with the colourful artist Ellinore Holmer who took part in Melodifestivalen 2014. We competed this year with the song Remedy in Eurovision Moldova and earlier we worked on an alternative version of this song with Ellinore containing new verses and a friendly sound that we now are presenting.
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