Oktoberfest at Café Opera

We had a blast at the crowded grand party tonight at Café Opera hosted by the one and only Johan Carlén together with Marie-Therese Karlberg. What else to wear at an Oktoberfest but tyroler dresses and red bling bling swarowski earrings from Linda's smycken to feel the German vibe and party mood! 💃
Photo by Armand Dommer
Press photos below by Cawa Media

Just like last year we met alot of fabulous people, tasted traditional German food and drinks. Heidi & Heinz was playing tyroler music where we could singalong and there was great a joddler on stage.
Annika Ljungberg (Rednex) with Jens Sylsjö performed a spectacular show and the party wouldn't stop even after that with happy people on the dancefloor. Maybe next year we will be the singers, who knows? 💓 So nice to get alot of press photos and so happy to be invited to this cool place!

 Annika and Jens on stage
Party mood was really on tonight as you can see...
Together with Sara and Yvonne, always ready to mingle
Together with the Mello artist and Idol winner Martin Almgren. (A bit dark photo though...)
Cristina and Carina had the right look tonight
Here is a vlog from last year:
Photo by Marie-Therese Karlberg

Do you want to work with us and our music? Check out offers here:
We are looking for young Swedish singers age 8-20 this autumn who wants to do a studio recording of a cover song and also singers for a Christmas show. Please get in touch!


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