New Christmas release with Zara & Jessica

We are so happy to announce the release of a new Swedish christmas single called "Ge mig jul igen" cowritten together with the amazing artists Zara & Jessica, former Sarek who competed with the successful song "Genom eld och vatten" in Melodifestivalen and toured for 10 years before they went separated ways! Now they are back with new music! This time we did the production ourselves and worked togther with the talented musicians Patric Skog and Dan Sjöberg on guitars, bass and violins. Fredrik Kronbäck did the mixing and the cover image was designed by Jonatan Månsson. We did the release together with Universal Music Sweden and our publishing company Twinflame and it is both out on Spotify, Itunes and Youtube! Hope you want to listen, like and share!

There is always alot of work behind a song and we started already this Summer with a base production when Zara & Jessica sent us their idea and came to record the vocals in our studio. Through the months we have added the full production and instruments, mixing, video and done the release. We worked on a lyric video production where you will also find some takings from Zara & Jessica and their kids when they are preparing for xmas with presents and having fun!
The lyrics of this song is about the joy and excitement of Christmas, longing for it to come and to spread hope, happiness and warmth, but also about the injustices in this world and how we can make it a better place. We hope the song will give you the spirit of hope and love for Christmas this year! 💓

The song will be performed live during December at churches and theatres in the south of Sweden.

The same day as we did the vocal recordings for this song we also did a live performance of our earlier Summer release "En helt ny dag" at the event Trasdockans dag together with Zara & Jessica and our child choir Rising Star and we managed to have a nice chat about life and music and drink some tea before they went home. Jessica travelled up north and Zara down to the south of Sweden where they live. We have got to know the girls very well although we only met a few times and have a very warm friendship already. We enjoy to meet, sing and to do music projects together. We really hope there are more to come soon and that we all can reach our goals together!

Together at the night club Patricia this Summer where we had the release party for the song "En helt ny dag". Video from the party below.

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