Healing and inner guidance

Sometimes it is hard to see the right direction in life and today was the perfect day to get some guidance and healing and find some quality time for ourselves. The wheel is contantly spinning and we are trying to reach our goals but are finding it hard to get more energy to start over when we are not getting where we want to be. 
We are always grateful for all the opportunities and connections we have found through music and we should not be complaining, but the struggle for something specific is not always easy when you want to focus. The spiritual side has always been a part of our lives in a subtle way but now we wanted to tell you more about this for those who are interested and also want to get help.

Today we visited Sara Ekholm, https://www.facebook.com/skonhetsochhalsocenter/ a certified medium, spiritual healer and a fantastic person for a session and seance. We met once before in her warm and inspiring studio for a "twin" session to get more guidance and healing and always leave with lots of energy, a positive feeling and hope. We really recommend to visit Sara for a seance! For us the guidance is a way to reach out to "the other side", not just to accept all that is said but to also open up and find the answers that are within ourselves, our inner guidance that is available for everyone.

Sara uses different cards and this was our last spread. What can you read from this? 😜💓
Other words that came to us today were joy, collaborations, choices, success, relationships, yellow cars, the ice cream truck, letting go, having faith in ourselves and trusting in new possibilities.

 Inspiring words from Sara.

 Ending this blog with a a divine light and wishing you a joyful weekend!

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