Birthday party gig in Stockholm with ABBA, Schlager and 70's disco!

On one of the last warm Summer days in Stockholm we were invited to entertain at an awesome 60th birthday party gig with 86 guests! The party event was at the exciting place Kastellet in the central of Stockholm which is an old state memorial building from 1935. Since 1660 the Swedish "örlog" flag is blowing there.

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After a long dinner where the guests did alot of speaches and singalong they were led upstairs to the party room and we hosted with 3 shows of ABBA, Schlager and 70's disco in different costumes and wigs. We got a great response and had alot of support on the stage by singing and dancing guests and the birthday girl herself to ABBA and disco covers! One of the ladies related to the birthday girl got so inspired that she wanted to have her own singing career! We always enjoy to interact with the audience to give more than a regular show as artists and this time it was obvious that people wanted to join us. One guy even put on the afro wig, and he must have been in love with it as we didn't get it back! Maybe Swedes are getting more confident these days to show their stage skills and goof around or there was just a warm and friendly vibe at this party?

The rather small room was crowded with people and we were also accompanied by the talented DJ Zaza who played hits in between and after and presented our shows. Impressed by her experience and joy for this job as a woman in her 50's doing this job every day. As always we were backed up by the one and only sound technician and driver Andreas. Without him these gigs are not possible, so we are forever grateful! We usually rig the equipment in the early afternoon and come back for the gig in the evening, but as they had the dinner in the court outside we could soundcheck later than usual and also taste a nice buffet.
There is always alot of preparations for a gig and we've had the pleasure of being booked to alot of gigs the last 10-15 years, everything from weddings, parties, company events and club gigs and we are so grateful for being able to doing this. We used to gig alot more, but now we also combine this with songwriting and Eurovision as well as vocal coaching which of course takes up alot of time. And then we have our regular jobs on top of this. When we bring our own equipment (that we invested in by doing gigs through the years) it is of course an extra effort and every cable counts. If something is left at home there will be no show!

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